Author: Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Skorradalur — Reykjavík Culture Night ?>

Skorradalur — Reykjavík Culture Night

I woke up in a familiar settings on this last morning of my 2013 Icelandic Ring Road trip. After a couple of weeks of sleeping in a tent, trailer and rental apartment, it was nice to wake up in my own bed in the family’s summer house in Skorradalur. We did not stay long in Skorradalur, but left before lunch after having harvested some rhubarb and salad. It was time to close the Icelandic Ring Road trip by heading to…

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Akureyri — Skorradalur ?>

Akureyri — Skorradalur

It was friday and the weeklong visit to Akureyri had come to an end. It was time make our way onward toward Reykjavík. I could however not leave Akureyri without visiting the swimming pool. Hence, I played the bad son and while my parents were finalizing the packing and cleaning the rental apartment, I headed for the pool. It was a fairly usual swimming pool visit with a few laps of crawl, followed by hot-tubs, sauna and some more hot-tubs….

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Dettifoss & Mývatn ?>

Dettifoss & Mývatn

Shortly before 10 am I drove into the parking lot at information center in Reykjahlíð by the lake Mývatn. I had a 10 am appointment with a couple of Catalan friends who were also driving the Icelandic Ring Road. We had planned to go together on a tour of the north-east. Our first stop was to visit a trio of waterfalls in the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon — Dettifoss, Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss. We decided to approach the waterfalls from the east, having…

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Tröllaskagi ?>


Today I went for a Wednesday excursion with my parents along the Tröllaskagi — Troll-peninsula — to Siglufjörður. We drove from Akureyri, along the western coast of Eyjafjörður, through Dalvík to Ólafsfjörður. Between Dalvík and Ólafsfjörður there is a one-way tunnel with plenty of meeting points where cars can give way for oncoming traffic. It took some time for me to learn how to use the meeting points. The first time I saw oncoming lights I immediately turned into one…

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Þverá-Golf ?>


I spent the first part of the day playing golf with my nephews at the Þverá golf course in Eyjafjörður. It was nice to play golf again after 13 years of inactivity — not that I was ever an active golfer. I am not one of those lazy golfers that try to minimize the number of strokes at each hole. I am a productive golfer with a high average number of strokes for each hole. My score was thus not…

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Hrísey ?>


Spent another day chilling in the Eyjafjörður area. Quite literally floated on Ejafjörður while visiting the fjord’s biggest island, Hrísey. We got a cold reception as we walked on shore in Hrísey after a 15 minute boat trip from Árskógssandur. The wind blew from the arctic north and was, to say the least, rather chilly. We argued that the best option would be to dive into the local swimming pool and seek warmth in its hot tubs. That visit was…

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Pointkast ?>


Spent the day chilling with my family at a vacation house in Eyjafjörður. While some played golf, I played the less renowned game Pointkast — a fun garden game with the purpose of collecting points by throwing a wooden cylinder at other wooden cylinders scattered over the lawn. After heroically beating everyone at that game when I tried it for the first time last Friday in Vopnafjörður, today, I did not win a single game. I am afraid that my…

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Súlur ?>


Today it was time for the yearly sibling hike together with my siblings, nephews, nieces and other-halfs. Several weeks ago we had planned to hike to the signature mountain of Akureyri, Súlur. To make the hike a perfect experience, we also planned for a nice and sunny day. This morning we woke up and looked out of the window. Everywhere we looked the mountains were covered with fog, including the one we had planned to climb. Something had gone wrong…

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Vopnafjörður ?>


Spent the day chilling in Vopnafjörður with my sister, brother-in-law, nephews and some more relatives that coincidentally happened to be camping next to us. We started the day playing football. It was obvious that I have been watching Messi quite a bit lately. On the football field I could hardly do anything but watch when the little kids dribbled the ball between my legs. The rest of the day we spent in the Selárdalslaug swimming pool. Swimming, playing and relaxing…

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