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Today it was time for the yearly sibling hike together with my siblings, nephews, nieces and other-halfs. Several weeks ago we had planned to hike to the signature mountain of Akureyri, Súlur. To make the hike a perfect experience, we also planned for a nice and sunny day.


This morning we woke up and looked out of the window. Everywhere we looked the mountains were covered with fog, including the one we had planned to climb. Something had gone wrong in the planning. We considered our options and discussed our alternatives. In the end we finally deciding that it would not really matter which mountain we chose, all the neighboring mountains would be covered in fog.

melting snow

We started the walk from the parking across the river from the Hlíðarfjall skiing area. Both sides of the valley were covered with fog. For the first hour or so, the fog seamed to be retreating. We became hopeful that it might even clear from the mountain tops. That was however just wishful thinking and the fog stayed put.

stream & moss

We did not allow the fog to stop us and continued our journey up the hill. We reached the first peak, Ytri Súla, after just over two hours of hiking. From the peak of the mountain the view is spectacular. Or so they say in the hiking books. The only thing we saw was fog. A white wall in all directions.


On a sunny day we would have continued from Ytri Súla to the next peak, Syðri Súla. However, since the weather was not on our side we decided to take a rain check (or rather a fog check) for the second peak and return someday when the there is a greater chance of better visibility.

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