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The hiking section of the restless toes tells stories of hiking activities mostly in Catalunya and Iceland. Most of the stories are accompanied with gps trails and photos.

Súlur ?>


Today it was time for the yearly sibling hike together with my siblings, nephews, nieces and other-halfs. Several weeks ago we had planned to hike to the signature mountain of Akureyri, Súlur. To make the hike a perfect experience, we also planned for a nice and sunny day. This morning we woke up and looked out of the window. Everywhere we looked the mountains were covered with fog, including the one we had planned to climb. Something had gone wrong…

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Berunestindur & Steinketill ?>

Berunestindur & Steinketill

I spent the day chilling at my aunt’s farm, Berunes, in between walking to the beach and the mountain. I started the day with a stroll along the beach, and then sat myself down on the veranda, reading a book in the sunshine. I fancied climbing the mountain peak above the farm (Berunestindur) but the infamous Eastern-fjords-fog (austfjarðaþokan) covered my path. – You stay where you are city-boy, said the Eastern-fjords-fog, I am the one who makes the calls around…

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La Morella ?>

La Morella

We set off from Garraf train station and headed into the Massís de Garraf natural park, towards la Morella. We followed GR-92 up Serra dels Pins, gradually making our way to la Morella. The route alternated between walking on forest paths, gravel roads and asphalt. From la Morella we enjoyed the view of Montserrat, Collserola and the contaminated city of Barcelona. For the route back, we followed the forest path down to Castelldefels. More photos on flickr

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Figaró — Sant Pere de Bertí ?>

Figaró — Sant Pere de Bertí

We started our hike from the Figaró train station with the intention of hiking to Sant Miquel del Fai. We followed PR C-33 trail up to Cingles de Bertí. Upon reaching the top of the cliff we took another look at the map and argued that, given our time constraints, Sant Miquel del Fai would be too long of a hike. Hence we updated our plans to taking a circular hike via Sant Pere de Bertí, following PR C-33 and…

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Laguna Negra ?>

Laguna Negra

On a Thursday morning in late November I took the bus from the Argentinian town of Bariloche to the nearby village Colonia Suiza. I was headed for a two day hike up to the lake Laguna Negra which is located in the northern Patagonian national park Nahuel Hupai. I stated my hike on the outskirts of the Swiss colony. I walked slowly through the woods, following a well marked path. The path itself was nothing particularly challenging, but since I…

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Collserola / Can Borrell ?>

Collserola / Can Borrell

Collserola Mountain Range is said to be the lung of Barcelona. The forest clad hills separate the city from the towns in the Vallès. It is an ideal recreation area for hiking, running and cycling. On a lazy Sunday it is nice to go for an easy hike from Barcelona to Sant Cugat, stopping at Masia Can Borrell for a traditional Catalan lunch. We started the hike from Mundet metro station and followed the marked trails through the Collserola Park….

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