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Today I went for a Wednesday excursion with my parents along the Tröllaskagi — Troll-peninsula — to Siglufjörður.


We drove from Akureyri, along the western coast of Eyjafjörður, through Dalvík to Ólafsfjörður. Between Dalvík and Ólafsfjörður there is a one-way tunnel with plenty of meeting points where cars can give way for oncoming traffic. It took some time for me to learn how to use the meeting points. The first time I saw oncoming lights I immediately turned into one of the closest meeting point. Then I waited for approximately an eternity until the oncoming car finally drove by. As I continued my ride I realized that the meeting points were quite frequent and no reason to panic at the first sight of oncoming lights. Gradually I learned how to make somewhat more efficient use of the meeting point and managed to get out of the mountain.


Beyond Ólafsfjörður the next tunnel brought us to the inhabited fjord Héðinsfjörður. Passing through this mountain was easier since the tunnel was a modern two way road. We stopped for a wile in the deserted fjord admiring the landscape and surrounding mountains that had received a fresh cap of snow overnight.

EA 70

At the end of the next tunnel we drove into Siglufjörður, where we visited the Herring Museum and had lunch by the harbor. The Herring Museum tells the history of the golden years of the herring industry at the beginning of the 20th century. It houses both items related to fishing and production of herring as well as the life of the herring workers.

After the lunch, we returned the same way back to Akureyri where I met with a friend for a cup of tea.

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