Akureyri — Skorradalur ?>

Akureyri — Skorradalur

It was friday and the weeklong visit to Akureyri had come to an end. It was time make our way onward toward Reykjavík.

I could however not leave Akureyri without visiting the swimming pool. Hence, I played the bad son and while my parents were finalizing the packing and cleaning the rental apartment, I headed for the pool. It was a fairly usual swimming pool visit with a few laps of crawl, followed by hot-tubs, sauna and some more hot-tubs.

Around noon we drove west, into the rain, all the way to our summer house in Skorradalur. I could feel it quite well that I am not used to drive as much as I have done in the past couple of weeks. I sat behind the wheel, yawning, and dreaming of public transport.

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