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I spent the first part of the day playing golf with my nephews at the Þverá golf course in Eyjafjörður. It was nice to play golf again after 13 years of inactivity — not that I was ever an active golfer. I am not one of those lazy golfers that try to minimize the number of strokes at each hole. I am a productive golfer with a high average number of strokes for each hole. My score was thus not recored on most holes today since we lost count. I did however get impatient on holes 6 and 9, where I played a double bogey.

My real success at golf is measured in the number of balls I loose in heavy grass or water. Despite a couple of promising attempts I got though the nine holes without loosing a single ball.

During the latter part of the day I walked about in Akureyri, shooting with my camera. I had a stroll trough the Pedestrian Street (which is not really a pedestrian street), the harbor (which is really a harbor), the inner town and botanic garden.

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