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Decaffeinated cold turkey ?>

Decaffeinated cold turkey

Christmas is a time where many people cook turkey. As a consequence, the days after christmas is a time where many people have cold turkey. A cold turkey sandwich. For example. I did not cook any turkey this christmas. Yet I decided to go for the cold turkey. For many years, I have been physically addicted to caffeine. If I do not get my daily coffee I get a headache. Therefore I have a cup of coffee every day. Usually…

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Which glasses should I buy? ?>

Which glasses should I buy?

I woke up late on last Saturday morning and reached for my duct-tape glued-together glasses. I sighed. Remembering what was my task for the day. I had decided to go hunting for new glasses. I sighed again. Shopping is not exactly on the top of my list of fun things to do. I guess it is somewhere between waiting for the bus and cleaning the toilet. Anyways … On the way to the first shop I thought about what I…

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