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Of running and spreadsheets ?>

Of running and spreadsheets

In my life, the year 2006 was a year of running. In March I made a life-changing purchase. I bought a new pair of running shoes. My first proper running shoes. In the following months I made good use of the shoes and went running fairly regularly. With some minor exceptions, I went running three times a week, gradually increasing the distance I could cover in a continuous trot. In the autumn of the same year I went as far…

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Thoughts on patents ?>

Thoughts on patents

After reading Simon Overell’s thoughts on patents I wanted to follow suit and share my own thoughts on the issue. I generally liked Simon’s argumentation. I do sympathize with the argument that patents have a merit for, in many cases, “allowing companies and individuals to benefit from investments in research and development”. At the same time I agree that the current patenting practices have created a dysfunctional patenting system and a culture change is needed. I have great respect for…

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700 grams of common sense ?>

700 grams of common sense

A few days ago I flew with easyJet between London and Barcelona. During the check-in I experienced something that made me think about how our lives are dominated by rules and regulations at the cost of common sense. The staff at the check-in informed me that my bag was too heavy — 21.6 kilos — 1.6 kilos above the weight limit. Instead of charging me right away the staff asked me if I could move something from my check-in luggage…

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