Category: Research Prototypes

As a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam and as an applied researcher at Yahoo! Research I was involved in producing several prototype applications for information access and content browsing.

TagExplorer ?>


The TagExplorer was prototype that I made while at Yahoo! Research in Barcelona. The TagExplorer enabled browsing Flickr photos using semantically organized tag clouds. The prototype combined two research projects that I was working on at the time, tag recommendation and tag classification (see references below). For example, if the user typed in London, they would be presented with photos from London (obviously), together with semantically categorized refinement suggestions, such as the locations England and Southwark or the landmarks Big…

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Wikiii ?>


Wikiii was a search engine interface for giving focused access to Wikipedia. It was powered by the Lucene based XML element retrieval engine I developed as part of my PhD research. For a given query the search engine gave direct access to the most relevant sections of the relevant Wikipedia articles.

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XMLFind ?>


XMLFind was a prototype developed by a group of students who I supervised during Project Information Retrieval — a one month intensive class at The University of Amsterdam where a small team of students worked together on a project. The students built the prototype on top of the XML retrieval engine I had developed as part of my PhD research. The team won the price for the best project in the 2005. XMLFind provided a search interface to the INEX…

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