Collserola / Can Borrell ?>

Collserola / Can Borrell

Collserola Mountain Range is said to be the lung of Barcelona. The forest clad hills separate the city from the towns in the Vallès. It is an ideal recreation area for hiking, running and cycling. On a lazy Sunday it is nice to go for an easy hike from Barcelona to Sant Cugat, stopping at Masia Can Borrell for a traditional Catalan lunch.

We started the hike from Mundet metro station and followed the marked trails through the Collserola Park. Shortly after we left the station, rail started to fall. It started with a drizzle but soon turned into light rain. Before we could decide to abort the hike due to rain, the drops stopped falling and we could see some rays of sun.


On the way we enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful view, chitchatting about everything and nothing. Every now and then we passed a madroño tree where we could satisfy our appetite with a fresh fruit.

It took us almost three hours to reach Masia Can Borrell, a Catalan country side restaurant located in the Collserola Park, where we sat down for a typical Catalan lunch, consisting of grilled vegetables and grilled meat.

After the lunch we continued our stroll to Sant Cugat where we took the train back to Barcelona.

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