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Hello World … :-)

When I was in Iceland this summer, I had a very pleasant experience. I was walking to the local swimming pool when I passed an old woman on the sidewalk who greeted me and wished me a good day.

I thought it was very a cute and hospitable act. I wondered that being greeted on the street by a complete stranger could only happen in Iceland or other small communities.

Today I took a stroll in Parque do Ibirapuera in São Paulo, Brazil. A park worker was driving his car around the park, emptying trash bins. When we passed each other on the road he greeted me, said hello and smiled.

Both incidents, even if they lasted only a few seconds each, made a lasting positive impact on me. It felt very hospitable and nice to be greeted by complete strangers on the street. We should do more of it.

Hello World … 🙂

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