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Sant Cugat is a town north of Barcelona, across from the Collserola mountain range.

Collserola / Can Borrell ?>

Collserola / Can Borrell

Collserola Mountain Range is said to be the lung of Barcelona. The forest clad hills separate the city from the towns in the Vallès. It is an ideal recreation area for hiking, running and cycling. On a lazy Sunday it is nice to go for an easy hike from Barcelona to Sant Cugat, stopping at Masia Can Borrell for a traditional Catalan lunch. We started the hike from Mundet metro station and followed the marked trails through the Collserola Park….

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25a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat ?>

25a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat

A year ago I performed an interesting experiment that seemed to indicate — contrary to my hope — that systematic training is preferable to unsystematic lack of training when it come to beating personal records in long distance running (see further). I did thus show up for the Sant Cugat half-marathon with over a month of training on my back. My goal was the same as last year — to set a new personal best. There was some uncertainty in…

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24a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat ?>

24a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat

Approximately a year ago I managed to run my first half-marathon. Not only did I manage to finish the race, but I also met my target of finishing it within two hours. This achievement was the result of six month long systematic training on the streets of Amsterdam. Now — a year later — things are a bit different. I moved form Amsterdam to Barcelona in March. In the move I lost my running rhythm. My running frequency went from…

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