Vík — Skaftafell ?>

Vík — Skaftafell

It was nice to wake up early in the relatively quiet countryside at the Vík camping ground. The stereotypical rooster was presumably on holiday since I was awoken by a flock of sheep.


After breakfast I went for the popular local past-time, I went to look at phallic structures on the beach. More precisely, I drove down to Reynisfjara (beach) where I looked at the impressive Reynisdrangar (phallic structures). Back from the beach, I continued my trip eastward along the coast. I drove through the lava fields and sands to the Vatnajökull national park at Skaftafell.


From Skaftafell I went for my first hike on my Iceland round-trip. I walked up to the slopes of Kristínartindar (mountain peaks), where I looked at the wonderful view over Skaftafellsjökull (sub-glacier of Vatnajökull) and the rivers Skeiðará and Skaftafellsá that bring water from Vatnajökull to the ocean. It turned out to be a nice 5 hour hike with a stop at Svartifoss (waterfall).


Back to the lowlands I booked myself in to the camping ground and prepared myself a two course dinner starting with a green salad with hard-boiled egg, followed by pasta with tuna. Maybe not the fanciest dinner ever, but a nice one for camping.

After dinner, the sun decided to show its nose through the clouds. I used the opportunity, grabbed a book, opened a bottle of beer and read into the sunset sitting in the trunk of the car.

More photos will come later …

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