Reykjavík — Vík ?>

Reykjavík — Vík

Since there are almost thirteen years since I moved away from my native island, I decided that on my current vacation in Iceland I should to behave like a tourist and do some tourism. I decided to drive the ring-road (road nr. 1) around the island from Reykjavík to Reykjavík. Maybe I am not exactly like a typical tourist since I claim to know my school geography quite well and thus have insider information that would be helpful.


Dad: What is the plan for the first day?

Me: I will drive to Vík and maybe take a look at Skógafoss (waterfall) on the way. It is still around there right?

Dad: It was there last time I checked … both actually.

Me: Both?

Dad: Yes, Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss (another waterfall).

Me: Oh, right. Seljalandsfoss. Remind me if it is before or after Skógafoss.

Dad: Before. It is on the left very soon after you cross Markarflót (river).

Me: Yes, of course.

At that point I started thinking. Where is Markarfljót again? Where is my school geography knowledge again? Maybe I will just be like an average tourist. Or worse.

Anyway, I left Reykjavík around 4 pm today. The weather had been decent all day, no sun but no rain. I argued that it would perfect for my first day of camping. I had not travelled far from the city when the weather turned a bit more Icelandic. It started raining.

I drove east and did indeed take a look at the two waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. I did not stop long at each site since it was still raining. Instead headed towards Vík, with one more rainy stop at Dyrhólaey (landlocked island), where I saw some puffins.

Now, I am sitting in my car by the Vík camping ground, blogging. The rain is knocking on the windows and roof. I think it wants me to come out and play. Or at least prepare the tent for the night.

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