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A collection of posts about my scientific research and academic publications.

Point of Interest Exploration with Yahoo! Image Search ?>

Point of Interest Exploration with Yahoo! Image Search

One of my most fruitful project while working at Yahoo! Research was a collaboration with the Yahoo! Image Search team. We built system for extracting and ranking points of interest for towns, countries and regions. The points of interest were extracted from Wikipedia, Yahoo! GeoPlanet and Yahoo! Travel. The ranking was based on co-occurrence statistics from Flickr photos and Yahoo! Image Search query logs. The resulting data package was generated by the research team and applied by Yahoo! Image Search…

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TagExplorer ?>


The TagExplorer was prototype that I made while at Yahoo! Research in Barcelona. The TagExplorer enabled browsing Flickr photos using semantically organized tag clouds. The prototype combined two research projects that I was working on at the time, tag recommendation and tag classification (see references below). For example, if the user typed in London, they would be presented with photos from London (obviously), together with semantically categorized refinement suggestions, such as the locations England and Southwark or the landmarks Big…

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Focused Information Access ?>

Focused Information Access

The main research topic during my PhD research was XML Element Retrieval [1]. I took a corpus of scientific articles in XML format and built a search engine on top of it to run experiments. For a given user query, the task was to go below the document level and return the XML elements that best matched the users’ information need. Most of the initial research effort went into evaluating different search concepts against the INEX XML retrieval evaluation collection….

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