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On a recent trip to Iceland I did a short hike that I have not done in quite some time. I hiked onto a small ridge called Skorradalsháls (314m) and separates the valleys Skorradalur and Lundareykjadalur in west Iceland. It is not the most challenging of hikes but an ideal pre-lunch appetizer when chilling together with my family in our summer house in Skorradalur.

rocks & mountains & lake
Skorradalsháls rocks

Despite being on the small side, the ridge provides nice view of the surroundings. To the south there is Skarðsheiði (mountain) and Skorradalsvatn (lake). To the west there is Snæfellsjökull (glacier/volcano) which according to Jules Verne is the entrance to a passage to the center of the Earth. To the north there is Baula (mountain). To the east there are Botnsúlur, Skjaldbreiður and Hvalfell (mountains) and the Icelandic highlands further beyond.

moss and Skarðsheiði
To the south … Skarðsheiði
To the west … Snæfellsjökull
To the north … Baula
To the east … Botnsúlur

More photos from the hike can be found on Flickr

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