TagExplorer: Faceted Browsing of Flickr Photos ?>

TagExplorer: Faceted Browsing of Flickr Photos

Börkur Sigurbjörnsson and Roelof van Zwol.

Yahoo! Labs Technical Report (YL-2010-005)

Link: pdf


In this paper we present TagExplorer, an application for faceted browsing of Flickr photos using tags. Information facets have been proposed as a useful means to assist the user in browsing large and complex information spaces. The tags provided by users annotating their photos in Flickr provide valuable knowledge that we deploy to feed the faceted browsing. We identify facets for photo browsing based on frequency of usage in Flickr annotations. We deploy a tag classification system to map the tags to facets and combine this with tag co-occurrence analysis, to obtain meaningful query refinement terms. The faceted browsing application presents the facets in the form of a tag cloud where terms belonging to the same facet are grouped together. The application has been available on-line for over a year and we present an analysis of interaction logs collected over the period of 12 months. The analysis shows how users can effectively deploy the query recommendations to explore large image collections, and provides detailed insight into a users’ search behavior.


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