Roetersrun 2006 ?>

Roetersrun 2006

I participated in the first (annual) Roetersrun. The race consisted of running four rounds around the Roeters Eiland campus of University of Amsterdam. Five kilometers. The track was rather flat except for two slippery bridges. Before the race started there was a car parked in front of one of the bridges and the runners were warned. When the race stared the car had, however, been removed.

There was, however, another vehicle that made the race a bit interesting. About half way through the race a tank truck arrived to fill the reserves of the Chemistry Department of the university. The tank truck parked in the middle of the track and the runners had to add an additional loop to the track to avoid the truck.

I finished the race in 24 minutes and one second. My best time ever. My first time ever. Two minutes ahead of schedule. I did not win any prizes but I might have been the fasted right handed person who uses the left hand to operate a computer mouse. For some reason there were no awards given in that category.

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