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Spain is a nice place for running and hiking. It has a pleasant climate and challenging geography with plenty of hills and mountains. As a resident of Barcelona, my outdoor activities mostly take place in north-eastern Catalonia and the Pyrenees.

25a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat ?>

25a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat

A year ago I performed an interesting experiment that seemed to indicate — contrary to my hope — that systematic training is preferable to unsystematic lack of training when it come to beating personal records in long distance running (see further). I did thus show up for the Sant Cugat half-marathon with over a month of training on my back. My goal was the same as last year — to set a new personal best. There was some uncertainty in…

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Cursa de la Mercè 2008 ?>

Cursa de la Mercè 2008

Today I participated in the 30th edition of Cursa de la Mercè — a 10k race through the streets of Barcelona. Well in advance of the race I had set myself the target of finishing the race in 48 minutes and hence beat my personal best by a minute and a bit. My fairly optimistic target was backed up by an unusually effective running schedule for the past month. On Thursday my plans changed. I was having lunch with some…

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La 30a Cursa El Corte Inglés ?>

La 30a Cursa El Corte Inglés

I was up early — for a Sunday — and was at Plaça Catalunya at nine. I was ready to run the 30th race of El Corte Inglés — together with about fifty thousand other people. La Cursa El Corte Inglés is an odd race. First, the lenght of the race is 11km. 11 is an odd number — in many ways. In particular since the race is intended to be a kind of fun run. Second, the track runs…

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Cursa Bombers 2008 ?>

Cursa Bombers 2008

At 9:30 I was at the starting line of the 10th race of Barcelona firemen — Cursa Bombers 2008. I arrived early in order to get a good spot on the starting line and hence skip the traffic at the start of the race. The plan was to run the 10k in 50 minutes. For people like me — who have difficulties with dividing and multiplying — 50 minutes is a good goal for a 10k race. The fifth row…

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24a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat ?>

24a Mitja Marató Sant Cugat

Approximately a year ago I managed to run my first half-marathon. Not only did I manage to finish the race, but I also met my target of finishing it within two hours. This achievement was the result of six month long systematic training on the streets of Amsterdam. Now — a year later — things are a bit different. I moved form Amsterdam to Barcelona in March. In the move I lost my running rhythm. My running frequency went from…

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Cursa Bombers 2007 ?>

Cursa Bombers 2007

The first day of April is ideal for tricking people. Today I was tricked into running around the streets of Barcelona as part of the annual 10k race, Cursa Bombers. Since my office is located close to the starting point of the race I planned to store my sweatshirt, the legs of my pants and my GSM in the office while I was running. So I rang the bell, waiting for the porter to let me in. No answer. I…

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