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The distress of giving ?>

The distress of giving

On Sant Jordi (Saint George’s day), the international day of the book, I decided to hit the streets of Barcelona, giving away short stories in order to promote my book — the short story collection 999 Abroad. A priori, the plan sounded fun and easy. How hard could it be to walk around and give away stories? The execution did indeed turn out to be fun, but it was far from being as easy as I had imagined. In the…

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999 Abroad ?>

999 Abroad

999 Abroad is a collection of short fiction stories by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson. Most of the stories are based on real events in the life of an Icelander living abroad. Although the stories contain a grain of truth, they are mostly fiction. The title of the collection comes from the Icelandic Registry and refers to the values of postal-code and city used for Icelandic citizens living abroad. The stories are illustrated by Yana Volkovich. More information: 999 Abroad at Urban Volcano

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Urban Volcano ?>

Urban Volcano

The Urban Volcano is a collection of my short fiction writing. It contains mainly fictional short stories written in the past few years. Most of the stories are based on a real-life experience, but extended and exaggerated into fiction. The Icelandic section also contains my works of poetry.

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