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Renfe R3 is a train line running from Barcelona to the Pyrenees. It calls at many towns that are ideal starting points for hikes, such as, Figaró, Campdevànol, Ribes de Freser and Puigcerdà.

Figaró — Sant Pere de Bertí ?>

Figaró — Sant Pere de Bertí

We started our hike from the Figaró train station with the intention of hiking to Sant Miquel del Fai. We followed PR C-33 trail up to Cingles de Bertí. Upon reaching the top of the cliff we took another look at the map and argued that, given our time constraints, Sant Miquel del Fai would be too long of a hike. Hence we updated our plans to taking a circular hike via Sant Pere de Bertí, following PR C-33 and…

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Taga Núria — Part II ?>

Taga Núria — Part II

It was 6:59:59 AM in the quiet Pyrenees town of Ribes de Freser. The soothing sounds of the River Freser flowed through the town — accompanied with an occasional tweet from an insomniac night owl typing fervidly on their smart phone. Suddenly the tranquility of countryside was disturbed by the crowing of a rooster.

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