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XMLFind was a prototype developed by a group of students who I supervised during Project Information Retrieval — a one month intensive class at The University of Amsterdam where a small team of students worked together on a project. The students built the prototype on top of the XML retrieval engine I had developed as part of my PhD research. The team won the price for the best project in the 2005.

XMLFind provided a search interface to the INEX Document Collection containing XML versions of more than 12.000 scientific articles published in several IEEE journals between 1995 and 2001. Rather than merely retrieving the relevant articles for a query, XMLFind gave access to the most relevant sections within the relevant articles.


Related prjects

  • Wikiii: I later adapted XMLFind to give focused access to Wikipedia.

Related publications

Timothy Bakker, Mark Bedeker, Siemon van den Berg, Paul van Blokland, Jeroen de Lau, Owain Kiszer, Sebastiaan Reus and Jonathan Salomon. xmlfind. Project Information Retrieval Report (P6). 2005. [pdf]

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Börkur Sigurbjörnsson. Focused Information Access using XML Element Retrieval. SIKS Dissertation Series. 2006. [more]

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