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Skorradalur is a valley in western Iceland and a popular area for vacation homes.

Skorradalur — Reykjavík Culture Night ?>

Skorradalur — Reykjavík Culture Night

I woke up in a familiar settings on this last morning of my 2013 Icelandic Ring Road trip. After a couple of weeks of sleeping in a tent, trailer and rental apartment, it was nice to wake up in my own bed in the family’s summer house in Skorradalur. We did not stay long in Skorradalur, but left before lunch after having harvested some rhubarb and salad. It was time to close the Icelandic Ring Road trip by heading to…

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Akureyri — Skorradalur ?>

Akureyri — Skorradalur

It was friday and the weeklong visit to Akureyri had come to an end. It was time make our way onward toward Reykjavík. I could however not leave Akureyri without visiting the swimming pool. Hence, I played the bad son and while my parents were finalizing the packing and cleaning the rental apartment, I headed for the pool. It was a fairly usual swimming pool visit with a few laps of crawl, followed by hot-tubs, sauna and some more hot-tubs….

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